Tiger Fork is a contemporary Hong Kong kitchen.

Executive Chef Nathan Beauchamp and Chef de Cuisine Jong Son feature a playful menu of modern takes on Hong Kong street food, traditional dim sum, and classic Chinese dishes with a global influence. Like many of the team’s favorite restaurants in Hong Kong, Tiger Fork emphasizes family-style plates and the communal dining experience. The beverage program, designed by beverage director Ian Fletcher, showcases unique variations of cocktails using Chinese spirits and traditional herbal tonics and tinctures, designed to have specific wellness properties aimed to help with targeted issues or ailments.


Designed by Edit lab at Streetsense, Tiger Fork’s interior is lined with exposed brick and features large-scale murals, communal wooden tables, hanging lanterns, and colorful tiles. Tiger Fork’s large octagonal bar showcases herbs and house-made tonics used for medicinal cocktails. The 8-seat chef’s counter overlooks the kitchen’s grills, offering guests a view of the chefs at work.Tiger Fork’s location in Blagden Alley perfectly suits the restaurant, hidden away from main streets like so many of the team’s favorite bars and restaurants across Hong Kong.